Tuesday, 5 May 2020

Things to know about Mantis Funding’s Cash Advances

How many times has it happened that you went to a traditional channel for funding, and they rejected you solely on the basis of your credit score? Has it ever occurred to you that their regulations don’t allow them to provide you with any kind of help despite knowing that you are an SME owner? 

Well, congratulations, you know it now! Ever since the Great Recession hit an unprepared market, the traditional channels were the ones who suffered its impact the most. So, it seems pretty obvious to see that they were bound to introduce water-tight funding regulations.

However, one is bound to wonder what loss these tight regulations did to a small and medium business owner. Everyone knows that while trying to maintain smooth cash flow, SME owners tend to suffer from poor credit scores. And, given their need for quick funds, they need a helping hand that can safeguard their financial needs. 

This is where alt-financing options like that of Mantis Funding Cash Advance come handy for SME owners. Alt-fin firms ensure that they help the businessman in whatever capacity they can. 

What’s the best scenario for such a service?

Before I spill any beans, let me tell you that I approached Mantis 3 years ago for my retail store. My regular earning is based on daily card swipes. When I visited them, they checked my revenue stream, how I generated my store’s earnings, expense patterns, future revenue, and social media behavior. Luckily everything fell into place. After digging into their various options, I decided to go with Mantis Funding Cash Advance. The repayment option was flexible. So, my experience with them has been satisfying. 

When you approach them, there are two things they look for: your revenue stream, and the source of your income. Having a daily card swipe as a source of earning gives you an edge in these matters.

The repayment structure is extremely flexible. It is absolutely the business owner’s choice whether he wants to repay on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, and the same is agreed in the contract with the alt-finance company.

Not only that, but also they make sure that we are their top-most priority. They have provided a platform in the form of Mantis Funding Complaints where their team constantly works to assure that your doubts and queries are sorted out in a short period. 


Again, this is one thing that has created a lot of noise in the market. Application processing and then funding takes a lot of time, but this is a thing of the past. Since the arrival of MantisFundingthings have shaped for good. Firstly, they have made it hassle-free. Secondly, they have made it efficient. And thirdly, they have removed the tedious paperwork. Besides, they have made the entire process online, which is very convenient and simple.  

Once you are done with the application process, a professional advisor, after reviewing your application, will get in touch with you. The advisor will ask you different questions regarding your business model, its requirements, the risks involved, and many more like that. These questions help them to have a better understanding of your businesses. Hence, they are able to design a tailor-made fresh deal for you. If everything works out well, they start their work to provide you funds as quickly as possible. Besides, as per your urgent requirement, they can even process it within 24 hours of approval. 

Monday, 27 January 2020

The Attributes That Make Alternative Financing Successful

Alternative financing is the future of the finance industry. You must be wondering why such a statement, don’t you? Well, the reason why alternative funding is succeeding is because of the technology it uses. This industry has combined its human connection with artificial intelligence.

Moreover, as per the conclusions that were drawn after seeing the latest trend, the alt-fin sector is solving all the problems that a small businessman might encounter during the venture’s run.

Apart from removing the roadblocks, a small businessman once encountered, here are a few benefits alt-financing firms are offering:

Faster is better: The introduction of automated systems has resulted in faster processing, thus, offering quick funding to small businessmen. Further, these systems have removed the tedious procedure of complicated paperwork and weeks for waiting for approvals. Besides, services like Mantis Funding’s cash advance is designed to provide businessmen with money within 24-72 hours of approval!

● Flexible as per situations: The cash requirement varies from business to business. However, the strict policies of traditional funders only offer very little financing offers to the businessmen. This leaves them with long-term pending debts, thus, denying them a chance to make any profit.

Nevertheless, alt-financiers such as Mantis Funding’s cash advance services range from $2K to $200K along with customization in repayment costs and timelines as per businessmen’s situation.

● Easily Accessible: The saga of maintaining a credit score is finally coming to an end! The arrival of alt-financiers has made sure that the businessman will not suffer because of their one-dimensional credit scores. This industry has designed a holistic approach to judge the creditworthiness of business to provide funds.

Customer-centric approach backed by AI
Keeping the aforementioned benefits on one side, the biggest thing that this industry has changed is the way they approach its customers. It has cultivated a unique customer-centric model that is matched with the latest AI-based finance technology.

Further, this is a different approach adopted by alt-fin services. Unlike banks, alt-financiers totally focus on the well-being of their customers. This is the reason why complaints on pages like that of Mantis Funding complaints are unheard of!

Even the most successful alternative funding companies in the market are the ones who are harnessing algorithms based on artificial intelligence so that they can further reduce time and risk by keeping deep human connections at the heart of their operations.

Apart from this, the experiences of many small businessmen who were introduced to this was an eye-opening one. They felt that they were handheld and were nicely mentored throughout the process. Furthermore, they were impressed by the fact that they were given complete information regarding the funding process, and there were no was hidden charges or fees or anything underhanded. Moreover, alt-financiers like Mantis Funding cash advance service has been a business saver for many of them.

If you are looking for a cash boost and growth of your business, then it would be wise for you to explore the options in the alt-financer industry. Do your research, scout the funders you want yourself to be associated with, and deal with the one who treats you the best!

Thursday, 21 November 2019

Financial Mistakes Can Spell Trouble For Small Businesses

Starting a business and seeing it grow and expand takes a lot of hard work, planning, and strategic thinking. Every minute aspect matters from creating a feasible product or service to hiring the right staff but above all managing finances can really play on the company’s survival. There are certain common mistakes that small business owners are prone to making which can be most harmful to a business.

Mixing Funds and Spending

One of the mistakes according to Mantis funding complaints is that most inexperienced business owners make is to keep their personal and business finances in one account together. This lack of maintaining a separate account can create a number of unnecessary problems, including legal ones. It is also difficult for an entrepreneur to keep track of his company spending and expenses if it is attached to his personal ones.

It goes without saying that starting a business takes off on a high note. The positivity, enthusiasm, and optimism can also transform into a high. For small businesses that are growing and generating profit, the owners may tend to carried away by success. Both these situations can often lead to overspending on machinery, accessories, furniture and irrelevant merchandise. Frivolous spending can create financial troubles in the long run if they are not reigned in.

Over hiring And Lack Of Cash Reserve

Small businesses thrive on the staff and hiring the best ones is important. It is equally important though, to hire only a small team who will actually help the owner realize his dream and goal. Over hiring can really into profits and can create problems because of insufficient roles and functions. Mantis funding encourages business owners to regularly monitor an employee’s contribution which is necessary in order to decide who to let go or retain over time.

Every business owner must keep aside a certain percentage every time as savings. This reserve fund comes in handy to pay off unexpected expenses or to deal with emergencies. Small business owners lack a safety net if there are not able to maintain this reserve fund and can easily get into sticky financial situations that could affect the running of the company.

No Records and Heavy Borrowing

Every expense, income, profit, and transactions must be recorded, however, minute. The importance of bookkeeping is seen with regard to taxes to be paid and tax relief. Small business owners who are not conversant with bookkeeping tend to ignore this vital aspect of the business. Private financial institutions such as Mantis funding customer services can help a business identify professionals who can help with accounts and bookkeeping.

While ambitions are good, large unrealistic ones can be dangerous to an entrepreneur. Borrowing huge sums of money regularly without clearing existing ones can eat into profits. Paying high costs every month can be a very pressurizing factor, causing immense stress. Small business owners need to think about getting a comprehensive repayment plan to ensure the company isn’t crippled.

Mantis funding in New York believes that every aspect of finances from budgeting to account maintenance needs to be carried out vigilantly to ensure that the business is secure and brings in profit and growth.

Tuesday, 27 August 2019

Make Your Automotive Business Thrive With Cash Advance Options from Mantis Funding LLC

Are you unsure of how to obtain additional working capital to elevate your auto business services in New York? Getting funded by a bank or traditional money lender is easier said than done, especially for a small business like an automotive garage with a low credit score. However, there is one solution to ensure financial liquidity – Mantis Funding cash advance

Challenges Associated with Traditional Money Lenders

Whether you need to weather bad times or you’re looking to upgrade services, Mantis Funding cash advance could be the ideal solution. The problem with approaching a bank or a traditional money lender is that they ask for credit score and collateral security to offset the high risk of lending to a small business. Mantis Funding is a company that provides merchant cash advance specifically to small businesses. When you’re dealing with this company, there’s no need to fret over a low credit score or lack of collateral security.

How Does Mantis Funding Offset Risks?

The company reviews a business’s past and current revenues as criteria for funding eligibility. They consider how much you take in, whether revenues flow at a reasonable rate, how you reinvest revenues and what you plan to use additional funding for. Once you provide the required business information and documentation, the company will find an appropriate fund source and work out the repayment terms.

As a business seeking funding, your commitment is that you will deliver a particular amount of future receivables to the funder. The good news is that there are many flexible repayment options.

Funding Without Stress and Worry

New York-based Mantis Funding offers swift and efficient customer service, so you can have the money in your business bank account within a very short period of signing the contract. The long wait period involved in dealing with banks and money lenders is eliminated and you can start utilizing the additional working capital for whatever you had planned.

Customer service and resolution of customer complaints are vital considerations when you are looking to partner a funding company. For complete peace of mind, look up things like Mantis Funding complaints or reviews online.

Tips to Utilize Funds for Automotive Business

There are myriad ways to utilize merchant cash advance for your automotive business. You may choose to expand your business location, purchase state-of-the-art equipment, repair or upgrade existing equipment, pay for required tools or hire skilled technicians.

You may also use the working capital to pay staff and tide over hard times. Additionally, you can invest it in your advertising and marketing plans, for example by paying a web developer to build a new website. The possibilities are endless, all you need is a good business plan.

Start reviewing Mantis Funding complaints and start making plans for how you’d like to make the best use of merchant cash advance!