Tuesday, 27 August 2019

Make Your Automotive Business Thrive With Cash Advance Options from Mantis Funding LLC

Are you unsure of how to obtain additional working capital to elevate your auto business services in New York? Getting funded by a bank or traditional money lender is easier said than done, especially for a small business like an automotive garage with a low credit score. However, there is one solution to ensure financial liquidity – Mantis Funding cash advance

Challenges Associated with Traditional Money Lenders

Whether you need to weather bad times or you’re looking to upgrade services, Mantis Funding cash advance could be the ideal solution. The problem with approaching a bank or a traditional money lender is that they ask for credit score and collateral security to offset the high risk of lending to a small business. Mantis Funding is a company that provides merchant cash advance specifically to small businesses. When you’re dealing with this company, there’s no need to fret over a low credit score or lack of collateral security.

How Does Mantis Funding Offset Risks?

The company reviews a business’s past and current revenues as criteria for funding eligibility. They consider how much you take in, whether revenues flow at a reasonable rate, how you reinvest revenues and what you plan to use additional funding for. Once you provide the required business information and documentation, the company will find an appropriate fund source and work out the repayment terms.

As a business seeking funding, your commitment is that you will deliver a particular amount of future receivables to the funder. The good news is that there are many flexible repayment options.

Funding Without Stress and Worry

New York-based Mantis Funding offers swift and efficient customer service, so you can have the money in your business bank account within a very short period of signing the contract. The long wait period involved in dealing with banks and money lenders is eliminated and you can start utilizing the additional working capital for whatever you had planned.

Customer service and resolution of customer complaints are vital considerations when you are looking to partner a funding company. For complete peace of mind, look up things like Mantis Funding complaints or reviews online.

Tips to Utilize Funds for Automotive Business

There are myriad ways to utilize merchant cash advance for your automotive business. You may choose to expand your business location, purchase state-of-the-art equipment, repair or upgrade existing equipment, pay for required tools or hire skilled technicians.

You may also use the working capital to pay staff and tide over hard times. Additionally, you can invest it in your advertising and marketing plans, for example by paying a web developer to build a new website. The possibilities are endless, all you need is a good business plan.

Start reviewing Mantis Funding complaints and start making plans for how you’d like to make the best use of merchant cash advance!

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